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    To be able to purchase ANY of our private cheats you must be able to complete the requirements list below. If you can not complete this list you will NOT be considered. REQUIRED: *UPDATE* If you have been a vip subscriber here for at least 2 months you can contact ViraL via private message here on the forums (Discord messages will be ignored) and be considered for private access as a trusted member. If accepted this will allow you to skip most steps listed below! 1. Must be a current subscriber to one of our regular vip subscriptions with no past paypal disputes with us. 2. Must have a post count above 10 (Useful posts only such as testimonials or helpful posts in your vip area for example) *In most cases this can be overlooked* 3. Fill out as much information as possible on your forum profile so we can get an idea of who you are and where you're from (Maybe say hello in the Introductions forum) 4. Must provide a valid picture ID and Piece of mail with matching address (This is very important!) You can send these items in a private message to ViraL with a title heading of "Applying for private cheat access". Make sure to include in the body of the message which cheat you are applying for. 5. If accepted you must digitally sign a non disclosure form which will be sent to you upon passing the previous step. 6. BE PATIENT! Not everyone will be accepted. Our private products are limited to a specific number of users. NOT REQUIRED, BUT HELPFUL: 1. Link us to any profiles you have on other hack sites so that we can see that you are an actual member of the overall community **This list can and will be updated without notice**
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    Welcome all to our brand new site! We have worked hard on this new site and still have a long way to go. Besides what you can visually see there has been a LOT of work put in behind the scenes here. All of our products have been recoded (Or are in the process) for the new site launch. We have a brand new content loader and absolutely everything is functioning at about a 70% better rate. One of the biggest changes to the site is the addition of a new partner. He isn't new to the site and you all know him. I would like to welcome Raul officially as my NeXGen partner. He is a co owner in the site now and has been a big reason for our advancement into the future. He has put in untold amounts of hours not only for this new site but on the old site. Everyone please take a moment and congratulate Raul! We would like to ask members new an old to introduce yourself in the "Introduction" section. When you sign up here with NXG you become more then just a friend or customer. You become family.
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    *UPDATE* If you have been a vip subscriber here for at least 2 months you can contact ViraL via private message here on the forums (Discord messages will be ignored) and be considered for private access as a trusted member. If accepted this will allow you to skip most steps listed above!
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    Man where do I start? From support too fixing errors and bugs not even an hour after they are reported and looked into everything They Do is top Tier. Most providers only care about making money but these guys really take care of you like you're family to them. Never disappoints and always helps with what ever problems you run into. GOATED!!!!
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    Hey guys Thought I would just give a decent showcase of the Ironsight hack with gameplay of the new added "Triggerbot" Hope these can make the Ironsight Hack Page: Hack Features Hack Gameplay Aim - Menu Aimhelper - Enables Aimbot features -Smoothing 31.917 (Legit) -Aim Offset 0.071 (Legit) No Recoil - Legit looking no recoil on weapons No Breath - Don't need to hold shift for breath (Unlimited) Show FOV - Shows the area of where aimbot will start locking on FOV Size - The size at which the aimbot will start locking on Triggerbot Delay - Lower the delay the faster it shoots - Higher the delay the slower it shoots Rage Menu Rapid Fire - Speed at which the bullets leave your gun No Spread - Bullets go straight Speed - Makes you fast as fuc boi My Thoughts -I feel this hack has everything you could ever want in a hack, there has been 0 bans for this being detected and with the added triggerbot feature you can now snipe people looking super legit! -Visibility Check would be the only thing thats missing. @ViraL @nuxar @JackyJK
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    Congrats on your promotions barzY , mikel, and Dwayne.
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    Five out of five stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Quality & Functionality. It's all there. I personally don't use anything other than ESP, but everything else works great. Aimbot, unlimited ammo... everything you'll ever want is there. The NexGen team (and the community around it) are always testing and sharing experiences to make things better. What else could you want?!! Support & Updates. The NexGen team is very diligent when it comes to updates and customer support. Generally I get a reply to a question within minutes. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours -- which is completely understandable, because we all need to sleep sometimes (and have real-world lives). Updates for SCUM come quickly and are well tested (with constant progress updates).
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    Good day Members I have been using the SCUM hack for a week now and figured I will write up a review for my fellow Nexgens (lol) - PS I wanted to do some recording but my pc and SCUM dont seem to like one another Quality [1-10] 1 being trash and never should by 10 being insanely godlike In depth review below: Hack works really well and theres no complications it has no effect on your fps and runs smoothly, I didnt give it a full 10 rating because there are some minor issues that in time will be fixed! but more on why this is so godlike. ESP (8/10) - Player names work amazing, Box is really cool and you can spot the players really easy, The bones is a little weird at far distances, maybe this is just for my pc being potatoe. The item esp is really good aslong as you can get the right name or something close to the right name you can find it on the map. The distance that item esp goes sometimes is crazy we talking 10 000 metres lol thats crazy. Aimbot (9/10) - Nothing fancy with aimbot it does its job and you can make it really legit really fast. aimbot only locks on head but thats ok as admin cant see what your player sees and the lock on which is good. There is a FOV slider which is pretty cool if you want to rage you can make it 180 I think I havent went that far yet. and for Legit players wanting to just have a decent lock on without looking suspicious can have a low FOV. Lockpick (10/10) - I havent used this feature too much in the sense of locking instantly. But I do use it with the lock speed and aslong as you fail a few times before you actually pick it you wont get banned by admin. If you pick everything really quick admins will most likely ban you. Colors (10/10) - This function just allows you to change the colours of any of the options in ESP. You can pretty much choose any colors you want. My experience: Using it on my local server has been so much fun no one expects it and aslong as you dont go too blatant on lockpicking and aimbot you will be safe for long! I have really enjoyed my 7 days of SCUM using Nexgencheats hack. I will be subbing every month to this. I would like to say a big thanks to @ViraL for HWID resetting me 3 days in a row lol, seems I have fixed the HWID issue. For those of you looking to buy this beautiful cheat, dont think twice just buy it right now. Love you all ❤️
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    We have just released a brand new update for our content loader and updated CSGO. CSGO is now available in the store for purchase. We are still working on things. Some of our old products won't be returning as they were a pain to keep up with and not worth the time and effort as the games lost popularity. We will keep everyone updated with our progress and what direction we plan to go from here. We appreciate everyone who stuck with us during our down time and we won't forget you when we release new products 🙂
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    Back with some media! NexGenCheats fast with the newest cheats for the release of counter-strike 2! Similar to the predecessor csgo hack, still completely undetected and safe, with the ultimate essentials for raging or legit cheats! Please do not go below 15 smoothing for aim like in this video or instant shooting on trigger 😉 VERY RISKY. But like I said, reliable and safe with the right settings.
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    Still easily the most lowkey undetected cheats ever for rs6! Still undetected in 2022. Hard to find something like this in this day and time!
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    Congrats to barzY , mikel, and Dwayne Clark on being selected to be part of our Mod team! We couldn't decide on only 2 of you so we took all 3!
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    Just a quick video showing Rogue Company still undetected after more than a year of release! Not afraid at all to use any of the settings.
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    Game: Overwatch 2 Anticheat: Warden? Engine: Proprietary Platform: Battle.net
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    Best Valorant Cheat you can get! Fully customizable for legit gameplay and stream proof! Perfect for boosting your e-girls! Flex to all your homies on discord! Fully undetected and always updated!
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    I wanted to remind everyone about our video content rewards. If you make a video using our products and upload to youtube you get extra time added to your subscription time! This goes for ALL individual products (High Roller Discluded). All you have to do is make sure links to the website are included in the listing and then share the video in our Media section here on the forums. MINIMAL REQUIREMENTS: Video Length at least 2 minutes (Shorts don't count) Links to the website in description Share in the media section here on the forums
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    Thanks for your detailed review. I have added 3 extra days to your subscription time.
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    Not going to happen. Has more than eac. Fucking chinese backdoor trojan is more like it....
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    Game: Rogue Company Level: Fully Featured Multicheat Coders: Nuxar Status: Live Hack Status >HERE< Price: See table below Remarks: STREAM PROOF! 1 Week Subscription With Full Support - $19.95 1 Month Subscription With Full Support - $29.95 We now offer 1 day keys. You can purchase those from our sister site at Black Label Gaming SAFETY: EAC: UNDETECTED AIMBOT Aimbot Aim Field OF View Aim Speed Aim Adjustments Aim Key Aimbot Prediction VISUALS Distance ESP Name ESP Box ESP Skeleton ESP Health ESP Aimbot Field Of View ESP Head Box ESP Color Picker For Each Item MISCELLANEOUS: Rapid Fire Fast Reload Instant Zoom No Spread Save Settings Load Settings SUPPORT: Thanks To ChumChum! Thanks To JackyJK!
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    got my account made.
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    Our new IronSight product is now finished and ready to be purchased! You can view the preview forums and purchase from the link below! Ironsight Preview
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    Another awesome video JackyJK! Will get this added to the preview forum now.
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    iwantcheat is a scam provider ^^
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    If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. x
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    You didn't give our wasted time for "Roe ". You have said over and over for this that you will give, and now I'm sure you are a huge liar. Anyone reading this message can be sure that this is a fraudulent place. Now delete this message as you did other times.
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    Hi guys, really liking the new option to have a continuous subscription (now up to the user to 'turn it off'' themselves), making things much easier. Very easy to select, pay and use. Keep up the good work! 👍🖖🤘
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    Welcome to NeXGen Gaming! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community and tell us a little bit about yourself. I will start this section off with a little info about myself and back story of our community. I have been in the general scene since 1999. Self taught coder between 1999-2001. Original member of OGC (Yeah i'm that old). Co founding member of the very first P2C site at MSX. The general foundation of this site started way back in 2000 as a hacking clan website named -[H3@DSh07]- , which eventually evolved into BlackLabelGaming which I still own the rights to to this day. BLG grew quickly to over 107k members before a departure of the co founder and a disagreement caused the original site to go down. NeXGen was born in 2009 and we have been growing ever since.
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    what about the new Call of Duty Warzone BR? Game: Warzone Anticheat: unknown? Engine: Unknown Platform: Blizzard PC
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    I just wanted to share how happy I am discovering this website. Honestly, found this site at the almost last page of google. Lol. I've tried different hacks with PUBG Lite, all of them sucks, it is detected and admins are too lazy to update it. NexGen cheat is the best. It is truly undetected, and admins are very active in updating it. The cheat is very easy to use and reliable. I plan to continue my subscription for more months!! Happy cheating everyone!
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    Thanks for answering. Have a good day. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
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    Yes, we have the software updated for the big update. If you want to learn how to get access to the cheat please read this following thread: https://www.nexgencheats.com/index.php?/forum/31-how-to-get-private-hack-access/
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