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  1. Nice! Added to preview thread.
  2. If you have a question you need to post in your BFV VIP section which is located on the main forums page all the way at the bottom. This section is for "Pre Sales"
  3. We do not offer a spoofer at the moment.
  4. Another nice vid! Added to preview thread.
  5. Very Nice Added to preview section
  6. Nice! Adding to preview thread.
  7. Great vid K1x. Added to preview section.
  8. Damn that was a long video, lol. Nice work! Added to preview thread.
  9. Another great video k1x. Enjoy watching your videos and the actual skill play instead of just mindless rage aimbotting. Added to preview thread.
  10. Another nice video! Added to preview section.
  11. K1xor, keepin the bangers coming! The new intro is Nice! Added to preview thread.
  12. Another great video K1x! Adding to preview thread.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review first of all. The loader issue was our fault and the coder worked on it for quite a bit of time to resolve the issue. This resulted in another issue for some users trying to download the new update. If you had logged in during a certain time of the update the new update was extremely slow to download (About 5 minutes on average), but if you hadn't tried to login the update was instant. Those issues caused delays in updating FL84 and our ability to properly respond to help inquires, or mod the site properly until today. The good news is that the coder is fixing FL84 today and when you are part of our site you never lose subscription time during our down times. When we post announcements that updates have been made you simply message me and request any lost time back and I will personally update your subscription time. With that said I will be giving you the extra 3 days subscription you get for first time review posting and any lost time from your subscription you lost during the update period. Just wait until we post the announcement and then message me and I will add it all in at once. Thanks for choosing to be a part of the NXG community
  14. Thanks for taking the time to leave a detailed review for us. I have added 3 extra free days to your subscription time. ~Enjoy
  15. We had an issue with the loader and have pushed an update. Your loader should auto update next time you run it. If the update is slow just re download the loader from the forums and use that one.
  16. Very Nice! Adding to preview thread.
  17. Should be fixed for him now. I answered him in the private message he sent.
  18. Nice! Adding to preview thread.
  19. Our product for "The FInals" has just been released and is available for purchase now! To purchase you can simply click the "Store" link from the top of any page on the forums or you can preview the product from the link below and purchase from there. The Finals Preview Page *CLICK HERE*
  20. Game: The Finals Level: Fully Featured Multicheat Coders: Nuxar Status: Live Hack Status >HERE< Price: See table below 1 Week Subscription - $19.95 1 Month Subscription - $29.95 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! SAFETY: EAC: UNDETECTED AIMBOT MENU TAB: Aimbot Triggerbot Aim Field Of View Aim Speed/Smooth Aim Key Triggerbot Key Aim Delay Aim prediction Bone Selection VISUALS MENU TAB: Name ESP Box ESP (2d/3d) Health ESP Skeleton/Bone ESP Max Distance for ESP Custom Color picker for each item COLORS MENU TAB: Customize The Colors Of All ESP Features SUPPORT: VIDEO BY: K1xor
  21. Very nice. Adding to preview section.
  22. We would like to welcome K1xor to the Media team here at NXG!
  23. So you are trying to purchase Battlefield 2042 with paypal correct? Should be no issue as 99% of our sales go through paypal.