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  4. hello guys! when will the scum cheat restock? really looking forward to use it:) btw.. does it support windwos 10 22h2? on a AMD cpu?



    1. ViraL


      It is private invite only if you read the description... you can private message me for details.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I have added 3 additional days to your subscription time ~Enjoy
  6. I have been using the cheat for a week now and this is my review. ESP: 9/10 accurate and its always updated. Does the job flawlessly tbh. Aimbot: 10/10 for a cheat as cheap the aimbot is quite impressive. I mainly use it on snipers but it really sticks and accurate. The prediction is a nice addition too.
  7. Post in your vip forum section for support. This is the "Pre Sales" section... ~Closed
  8. Im getting bsod everytime i press inject load BATTLEFIELD 2042 i dont know whats causiong this error i havent changed or installed anything pc getting restart everytime i press load hack
  9. Post in your vip section not the suggestions forum. ~CLOSED
  10. https://prnt.sc/5yrRxCZh4R_9 how to fix when I already disable the virtualization?
  11. Game: Dead by Daylight Anticheat: Easy Anti-Cheat Engine: Unreal 4 Platform: Steam
  12. Never had a detection since release. No red trust on anything except player glow. Everything we offer here is win10 and 11 supported except csgo. Keep that in SGO is only win10. When CS2 releases it will be both win10 and 11 supported.
  13. Hey, Quick Question before I grab this, when was the last detection? and is aimbot fine for the red trust? Thanks!
  14. ViraL


    We have adjusted some forum specific settings to dissallow guests from posting on the forums. Make sure if you plan to be a member here that you validate your email or your account will be deleted in 5 days! This goes for new registered accounts only.
  15. hi everyone i try to load the hack but dont work why can u help me please?


    1. ViraL


      No, you need to post in your vip section. That is the only place you will receive help, not on someone's profile or private message.

  16. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review although very short, lol I added 3 extra days to your subscription time. Enjoy.
  17. I have a visual orgasm with this cheat... recommended !! by OzzyZor
  18. Hey man, I would need support with my product.

  19. Number of users is irrelevant if the bypass works,,,, We have a few users.
  20. Ok, I have one more question. I saw a lot of developer bans on the latest PUBG anti-cheat. Are there a lot of nexgen users?
  21. PUBG hasn't had a detection in about 4-5 months now. It did have a previous detection which we fixed the issue.
  22. sorry, I plan to buy it after PUBG's new season update today, can you tell me about PUBG last detection?
  23. 嗨,我打算在今天 PUBG 的新赛季更新后购买,你能告诉我关于 PUBG 最后检测的信息吗?
  24. Apex is private now. You can read about getting private access on the forums.
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