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  5. nightbird/jet the aimbot is not working as the driver
  6. Could you test it or ask someone about jet / nightbird? Couse thats what the most cheats cant do..
  7. No bans where reported, stream proof and works fine with any resolution also the aimbot works with any secondary or main vehicle weaponry, night bird or jets I can’t give any info atm
  8. Hi, 1. After last banwave was your cheat detected or did any member got banned? 2. Is it Streamproof in 4k? 3. Does it work in Vehicles (Tank, Hind, Cond...)? 4. Does it work in the Nightbird? Thanks
  9. dang the s'all good 😞
  10. k1xor


    sadly nux said no
  11. AtenzaStyle


    Would love to see some hacks for this game!
  12. The Finals has never had any detection since release of the cheat
  13. Hello, i am considering getting your finals solution and was wondering when the last DT was if there was any. Extending this question, has there been any DT for a game that uses EAC and if so when? Kind regards
  14. FL84 is tested and working. Tested 5 minutes before this post.
  15. There was just a recent major update to the game. I’m asking if the cheat has been updated with the game update. Have you tested it yourself? Or are you just going off of the status page?
  16. Since the recent update. Is this cheat functional?
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