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  1. You can use reWASD which is free for 14days and after cost 6€ . This tool allow you to remap controller to keyboard and mouse buttons . That means you can bind the key you use on your controller to shoot as left mouse click on the tool and you will have to put left mouse click as aimkey too in the cheat for example . It's the only way i know and i wish it could help you ^^
  2. @NrdYes you will be able to play on your main but you anyway wont get banned since their easy anti cheat version of ironsight is probably the weakest one of all eac versions mades ... 🤣
  3. Yes Nate it's perfectly working , you can buy it right now ^^ It's updated and undetected .
  4. @NrdNope your main wont get banned if you only cheat on your smurf 😉
  5. I hope so hehe 🙂 ^^ i'm patient
  6. @NrdNp buddy 🙂 Dont worry about the risk it should not get detected after a few months minimum . You will love the cheat and have a lot of fun destroying your enemies 😉 Have fun 😅
  7. @Nrd The cheat has a fully new bypass and has been fully recoded and got released a few days ago so it's fully undetected and no bans happened during the test period and since release . You can buy it and use it without any problem . I have nothing to do so if you need help trough teamviewer to set it up i can help you .
  8. @NrdWell dont worry buddy Your main account wont get banned if you dont log in after getting banned on your little account . There are many way to bypass an hwid ban to play again You can : 1# buy a spoofer 2# buying new disks for your pc and installing a clean windows version on it 3# Using two differents computers , one with the cheat installed and one with no cheat installed to play legit 🙂
  9. @NrdTrust me you can buy it and use it on any accounts u want . edit : ( if u play legit ) 🙂
  10. @NrdNope the cheat doesn't have hwid spoofer but you wont get banned if u play legit ^^ Cheat is fully working and fully undetected 🙂
  11. Hello @Nrd Your main wont be safe because your HardwareID can be banned by EAC and you will have to use a spoofer or you will get an instant ban on your main account but note that : The cheat is currently undetected and the bypass is fully new . Ironsight cheat just got released 🙂 If you play safe you wont get banned you are currently 100% safe . You should be able to play a few months without any problems 🙂 For example if you use ESP only you wont get banned at all if u stay " legit " Dont do obvious preshoot etc , play like a " pro "
  12. Is it possible to have an UD Spoofer on EAC/BE please ? I know one that cost 10 € per month and that is undetected since more than 1year but the problem is that it may cause problem with hwid and loader log in ( authentication blocked due to the fact i change hwid with an other provider ) Could you make one so we can log in as we want on the loader and it stay undetected on battleye/easyanticheat please ? Thanks in advance edit : asking this cuz im banned on apex and i would like to buy the chair ^^
  13. @oSpook_ check this to get 25% on ur high roller package ^^