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  1. Hey all, Some of you may have seen my dead body flying through the sky after stepping on many of the Devil’s land mines in Scum. I became a regular to the respawn menu until I had flash backs to when I was making kids rage in death chat from (not) using ESP. This is when I decided to start tracking down the nearly extinct Scum cheats and stumbled across NexGen. On a serious note I hope to build a relationship with many people on this forum. Feel free to add my profile and send me your screen name so we can squad up and kick the Devil in the dick. Thank you, IDontSpeakJive
  2. I’ll be completing the application process tonight ! Hopefully the scum product is working after recent updates.
  3. I plan on following the application process later for the private Scum product. Is space still available for when I apply once I have access to all of my records ?