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  1. After checking the vid check I can confirm it’s working (on players)
  2. It shouldn't increase your risk ob bans a lot. There is always a risk to cheating as you can get reported and manually banned after a review by a game developer.
  3. The cheat is working right now and. it usually doesn't need updates for every game update. We do indeed have a discord you can entere once you have the VIP role. which you get for buying any products from us.
  4. Yes it's still undetected. The only way of getting banned is if an admin watches you and decides to drop the ban hammer.
  5. You can make the cheat display a help line, move the pick for you (with costum smoothing value), almost instant unlock and give yourself infinite time to unlock.
  6. We currently only offer the public version and don’t plan on adding a private one.