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  1. “The opposite of talking isn’t listening. The opposite of talking is waiting.” – Fran Lebowitz

  2. Big fan of your posts, you make a great addition to the community with interaction! (nice use of ctrl+k) - as if nobody knows what those games are! XD I cast my ballot!
  3. As subscribers are scrolling the index - there are cheats that are no longer supported, and I think they should be archived, closed, or filtered. Close threads that are outdated, resolved, etc. Also closing or >moving topics to their correct subs. (also preventing "bumps"). Would love to see a little bit of a clean up. Add Reactions, as they seem to be missing; i cannot "react" to threads, replies, or content, created by other users - unless they are disabled for anyone other than admins, moderators, coders, etc. *correct me if I am wrong. Would love to see a little bit more info on "first use", setup, information. Applicable to each and every cheat. Info on injection ("do i need load before the game, during the game; does it require EFI boot?"). *Includes troubleshooting guides, error resolutions/common fixes, video guides to include EFI, loader, windows settings, overlay setup, etc. As to have a direct guide to follow - to ensure staff be contacted about issues on a "case by case" basis. Support tickets could be implemented, and a quick form created for the user to confirm they have followed these guides. This would filter out the very plain, threads that may be posted, but that is for the staff to decide. Active announcement thread for any product that has been updated - as to notify anyone with a subscription that they may continue using the product. (VIA FORUM & DISCORD).
  4. I've recently become a High Roller. And so far I have also been enjoying the releases and features offered here. Enjoy!
  5. Was inquiring about Valorant. I hope you can just provide me information, it states on the status page there are "(20/20)" slots available, and that it is secure. Have there been any detections? And are there slots available to use? I am going to be purchasing the HR package if everything is in order, and if the software would be available upon purchase. As i don't really want to wait for approval (not to be rude, finding anything for this game has been very unsuccessful and tedious). Simply - I'm ready to buy. I also DM'd Viral - I have a bit of a more lengthy message for ya. - Thanks!