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Cyril Soubeirat

Introduction [Cyril]

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Hello guys my name is Cyril ( In real life and In game ) 🙂

I'm in the cheating scene since more than 13years now .

I'm 21 actually ^^ I downloaded my first cheat when i was 8 ( i was a kid yea ! )

I'm from France .



I already cheated on :


Skill Special Force 2 ( I do make my own paste undetected cheat on SF2  EU/NA GAMEFORGE VERSION) ( GAME CLOSED )

Fortnite ( I'm HWID BANNED in that one  BE/EAC )

Black Squad ( I'm HWID BANNED in that one )

Apex Legends ( I'm HWID BANNED in that one )

PUBG Mobile

CS:GO ( I do make my own paste undetected cheat on cs:go )

CS SOURCE ( I do make my own paste undetected cheat on css xD)

TeamFortress 2 ( I do make my own paste undetected cheat on TF2 xD)

Garry's mod ( I do make my own paste undetected cheat on Gmod xD)


Paladins  ( I'm HWID BANNED in that one )

Dead by daylight ( I'm HWID BANNED in that one )

RealM Royale ( I'm HWID BANNED in that one )

Crossfire West ( EU/NA )

Secret Neighbor

Sea Of Thieves

Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 / 2 and Black Ops 4

Creative Destruction ( Got banned a few times on it )

Left 4 Dead 2

Ring Of Elysium

Alliance Of Valiant Arms ( GAME CLOSED )




Rocket League


Soul Worker ( MMORPG )

Warface ( Eu/Na )

Combat Arms ( Reloaded or Classic i dont remember but i dont like it and i bought the cheat before downloading the game and i uninstalled the game cause it sucks so much xD )

Pummel Party ( Using Cheat engine since this game dont have any anti-cheat )

World of tanks ( long time ago with a mod that were removing trees/bushs)

GTA San Andreas MultiPlayer ( SA:MP )

Ironsight ( First time i cheat in this game using NeXGen ♥ )

And i used some programs on  a few only chess sites with ranked system .


1st : I would like to thanks my mother that bought me my first cheat ... ♥ She is a real legend .

2nd : I spend more than 20 000 € into cheats since all this years ( some of my fortnite cheat cost'd 250 € ,

some of the blacksquad cheat i used cost'd more than 100 € ... i love private undetected cheat cuz i have money 😛 .

3rd  : I actually play ironsight / blacksquad / fortnite a lot so if some of you wanna play just say it 🙂

Note that i only do buildfight on fortnite ^^ i dont play normal games


Thanks for reading ...

Cyril ♥

And even if it's to late ...  Happy ' Late ' Year 2020




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Hey Cyril. We should hack together sometime

My name is Camy in real life, I'm 25 and French as fuck, but living in Boston, Massachusetts, America

I've been lying, cheating, and stealing my way to the top for as long as I can remember.

I'm a real cunning bastard, I'll throw sand in your eyes, pull your hair, and kick you in the balls with no dignity.

I'm a prime example of a cheater😄

Never played by the rules,

and I've always gotten away with it.


Bought my first private hacks from Nexgen that was a SOURCE hook (works on all source engine games)

(It wasn't called Nexgen back then, I'm pretty sure this was 2008 or 2009)

, and I always was a top competitor on hacking servers

with no need for skill or finesse, I was never caught.


Never much saw the point in playing "Legit Hacking"

Lets rage bro. Add:


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