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  1. All subscriptions are down until further notice I believe.
  2. noob123

    Hi I'm New

    Howdy purp. I hax csGO
  3. bump when are you going to make a general forum
  4. I've been on the bandwagon 10+ years, you can always expect new content to come out periodically. As for constant updates everything I've ever used made by viral or any of the other coders on this (or previous) website has always been VAC proof. I'm not sure how much the code of each cheat is changed or developed with the new auto update feature in the launcher, but each paid release of a cheat has always been faster than the previous. I was a CS 1.6 cheater, I'm new with the GO hacks but they seem more complex than what was available for CS 1.6. These are the fastest cheats with the best working features. Can compete with other hackers, too. We had a hacking clan that went undefeated. Feel free to request any game cheats you would like. I'd like to see this community come back to life People (Website admin, coders) are super fucking busy with real life Unforeseen circumstances world wide I guess you could say. CSGO cheats aren't working ATM,
  5. Fucking awful music. Make your FOV bigger, RAGE. If you're gonna make a video with a small FOV aimbot edit the video differently so it shows more skill in "Legit" hacking. I'd like to see you move the FOV over the enemy and then shoot them, don't edit it so you're already locked on. Will definitely make the video longer. Just some constructive criticism.
  6. This game looks fucking stupid, the enemies were hardly moving. Are those speed hacks in the video? Why is this game good?
  7. noob123


    Could you ask Blade to get on this site, I want to talk with him.
  8. My CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz Resolution: 1920 x 1080 I use a small LCD television monitor hooked up with HDMI cords, makes a world of a difference. My Mouse is a really old DELL laser guided mouse, had it for years in a box in my basement. You guys think I would notice a difference in precision if I bought a new mouse? Would be helpful for gaming, but really lazy.
  9. Hey bro. I too have been in the scene 12 + years and have watched everything and everyone change and go through different phases, as with games and platforms comes new hacks and exploits. Add me on steam and we'll game. Legit or Hacks: https://steamcommunity.com/id/camycamcam/home/
  10. Hey Cyril. We should hack together sometime My name is Camy in real life, I'm 25 and French as fuck, but living in Boston, Massachusetts, America I've been lying, cheating, and stealing my way to the top for as long as I can remember. I'm a real cunning bastard, I'll throw sand in your eyes, pull your hair, and kick you in the balls with no dignity. I'm a prime example of a cheater😄 Never played by the rules, and I've always gotten away with it. Bought my first private hacks from Nexgen that was a SOURCE hook (works on all source engine games) (It wasn't called Nexgen back then, I'm pretty sure this was 2008 or 2009) , and I always was a top competitor on hacking servers with no need for skill or finesse, I was never caught. Never much saw the point in playing "Legit Hacking" Lets rage bro. Add: https://steamcommunity.com/id/camycamcam/home/
  11. Hello Jacky! I'm Noob123, IRL Cameron, Or Camy. I see you're apart of the media crew. Anything new in the works? I could send you some gameplay footage of me hacking when I buy my cheats if you want to edit it. Just 'cause, you know. You're busy with your work, I'll save you a step. My level of experience in video editing is like windows movie maker on XP Have you been apart of the hacking community long? any prior aliases you might have used that I could recall you from?
  12. Hey I might buy SCUM soon, if you see this add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/camycamcam/home/ My name is Cam, or Camy, If you want to show me how to play I'd be grateful.
  13. I'm gonna keep double tripple quad posting everytime I think of something I want to add on a slightly different subject, for the sake of not cluttering your board (due to lack of "General Discussion" sub-forum). Who hosts www.prolifik-gaming.com now? A lot of stuff is still there, but mostly broken links.
  14. I look like shit. I've been sick since I woke up yesterday and got terrible sleep last night. My nasal congestion is better on day 2 of the FLU (Definitely not Covid; only symptom is mild coughing, and either way I'm recovering swiftly) Lets see those mugshots.