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  1. v2na

    NexGen Compilation

    damn the editing is on fleek. footage matches with the beat which makes it amazing. great work
  2. i see, i just purchased it to see for myself. thanks for the help Cyril 🙂
  3. @Cyril Soubeirat hey another question man, i noticed you said almost all the cheats are offline, do you know which cheats are still available?
  4. @Cyril Soubeirat ooooh thanks for the heads up man. didn't notice that. i'll be looking out for the relaunching of the cheats on this site then
  5. how you doinnnnn man
  6. thanks for the response man. this alone makes me comfortable enough. seems like he's a pro and knows what he's doing. are the cheats automatically available to download after purchase or do i have to wait until ViraL get's on to grant them to me?
  7. i've always spent a lot of money on bots and cheats so this is no surprise to me. the community here seems small but friendly so i'll be considering this. just a question i have is, are you guys planning on new cheats and constant updates? how is the long term plan looking for you guys?
  8. thank you Cyril 😎
  9. hey, my names Tim. born in s. korea but raised in the states for most of my life. avid gamer for years but i just tend to love having an edge above other people. botted on maplestory for years on gamersoul/gamekiller and now i'm just taking a step back from that and trying to get into other games. looking forward to meeting you all in this community 👊