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  1. If the game has an update you will need to wait for Nuxar to update the cheat
  2. Started playing Grey Zone Warfare and followed the instructions: install the pre requisites - done download the latest version of the hack loader - done start game and make sure it is set to windowed - done exited game started cheat (logged in and it updated).....selected Grey Zone Warfare and ran it - told Avira Anti Virus to relax.....Windblows Defender can F off - minimised the task manager window started game pressed END to open cheat and there is all was 😁 nice and simple!!! (I took a whole heap of screenshots showing the ESP but they didn't show up 🤣 nice!)........it made running through Tiger Bay so much easier!!!!! 💪🖖
  3. Defiantly welcome back @PKOA Top quality video as always 😊 ......my personal viewpoint, not the right sound track 😘
  4. If it is a link redirection issue, please private message ViraL and explain it to him. He may be able to help you. You should only buy from the store link in future, that is where all the current releases are.
  5. Not sure how you managed that as MW2 is not even in the store!
  6. Dwayne

    I'm back!

    Welcome back 👋 😁
  7. No external links and don't hijack old threads. *Locked
  8. HI, please PM ViraL on the forum here and explain the situation. I am sure that he will be able to sort it out for you. Cheers
  9. EADC (I edited his original post to reflect his actual feelings)
  10. You will have access to your VIP forum, all the details are in there on how to download and then set the hack up 🙂
  11. Dwayne

    Iron Sight

    English please....and wrong section. Locked.
  12. Sorry, ROE his not been supported for a long while now, and the game is well and truly dead (the DEV's left long ago and there no more updates to the Seasons etc.)
  13. how am i supposed to become a vip to get access to cheats (English translation?) Go to the store and select the game VIP access you want. Once your payment has gone through you will have access to the VIP section for that game. ✌️
  14. Might want to make this cheat private access only and you will have to be careful with your settings, the Dev's are actively banning players at the moment and the game has a 'Death Cam' feature.....more chance of getting sprung especially if you are ESP'ing through buildings / rocks etc. They are trying to get stronger with the anti - cheat by making you register with a valid phone number, that way they can ban you using your username & mobile number and HWID. Will force you to replace hardware and get another $2 sim to re-register 😉
  15. 👋 Thanks! And congrats to mikel & barzY
  16. MOD APPLICATION: AGE: 54 LOCATION (Country): Australia MOST ACTIVE TIMES AVAILABLE TO BE ONLINE: Varies between below hours Mon to Fri: 0800hrs to 1600hrs ACST (1530hrs to 2330hrs Pacific Time) - laptop @work Mon to Fri: 1800hrs to 2300hrs ACST (0130hrs to 0630hrs Pacific Time) - home PC Sat & Sun: 1200hrs to 2200hrs ACST (1930hrs to 0530hrs Pacific Time) - home PC SITES WORKED FOR IN THE PAST OR CURRENT: bittah.com - Gaming forum: user, moderator and Administrator (1 of 2 administrators plus owner). Site not used after move to Discord. vic-sim.com - owner: hosted and administered small forums (scuba diving). Site host active - forums long since gone. Midair (game) - private game tester. Discord: Past; Bittah.com - previous administrator. Now user (other administrators became involved in further game development and private testing, I dropped access as not a part of that testing and NDA). Current; Home of Oz - (gaming) Administrator Dj's Place - (gaming) Mod YEARS EXPERIENCE: 1998 onwards IRC (mIRC client) / phpbb forums / Discord GENERAL INFO: Limited exposure with teamviewer through helping family members interstate and overseas resolve computer issues (software / hardware related). A tonne of time building, upgrading and repairing computers. Communicating with customers, clients and users at work and online, resolving disputers, flamewars, personality clashes, breaches of codes of conduct etc. No experience with a site like this, other than helping other users on NexGen with basic info when and where I could. Joined for Ring of Elysium and decided to upgrade to highroller for that game, but now the PUBG loader is out will probably get back into that. Prefer the BR style so will maybe look at others of that style in the loader to play around with. Cheers! 👍
  17. Ahhhh, got it......so your question is more important than everything else going on at the moment. It is a small team of Admin, Mods and Coders at NexGen, and probably likely that ViraL has looked at your question and maybe following it up already, or he may not have access to the internet. There could be a host of reasons you have not received a reply. How about instead of shouting "answer me!!!!" in a new thread, post what the issue is. More than likely if it is a loader problem, another of the members is also having a similar issue and the answer is already posted. If the loader is down and the Admins & coders know about it, they will compensate for the lost time. Pretty fair deal.
  18. @Ramon Barros relax, someone will get to your query. We are not all in the same timezone or at the computer to be able to answer you straight away. Patience.......... 🖖