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  1. I've used Nexgen since about Oct. 2021. First off the staff here is amazing. Any problems I've had, they respond pretty quickly to. Second the cheat has been awesome. They fix the bugs in a timely manner. ESP works amazing. Lock picking/bomb diffuse ESP is probably my favorite part. It allows you to still look legit (as long as you fail some). There are a lot of settings so you can adjust things to the way you like. If used in moderation and you don't rage nobody will ever know you are cheating. Aimbot is pretty spot on. Once they took it private it added to the peace of mind it of being detected. For someone who casually plays, this cheat has helped me be able to compete with the guys and gals that spend all day playing. LOVE this cheat.
  2. I just renewed it can anyone get me setup to use the hack again? Thanks.