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    We would like to invite everyone to come sign up at our sister site. Black Label Gaming. Many of you who know me personally know that before NXG existed I owned another site named Black Label Gaming. This site was owned with a partner who one day decided he was done with it all. The bad part about that was he owned all of the hosting which he promptly cancelled and we lost basically everything. I opened NXG soon after on my own and here we are today. BLG was originally started way back in 2005 and ran until late 2008. I opened NXG in early 2009. To make a long story short I have owned the domain for BLG for many years and we have re opened the site. It was originally planned to be opened for a friend to be a reseller, but that never materialized. I decided to finish the site to be included as a sister site for NXG. BLG in many ways is a far superior site to NXG. It offers more friendly up to date options. The included store front offers many ways to pay for services including quite a few crypto options. It also offers 1 day purchase options. BLG functions with a key delivery system instead of the current forced registration system used here to be able to use the content loader. On BLG you purchase a key from the store and simply paste the key in the loader and run it. Please take a moment of your time and sign up on BLG from the link below and drop a simple Hello on the forums even if you don't decide to purchase from there. From here moving forward both sites can be considered the same exact site as they are both now under the NeXGen Gaming Company LLC. Tell us what you think below. Thank You. Black Label Gaming
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    Back with some media! NexGenCheats fast with the newest cheats for the release of counter-strike 2! Similar to the predecessor csgo hack, still completely undetected and safe, with the ultimate essentials for raging or legit cheats! Please do not go below 15 smoothing for aim like in this video or instant shooting on trigger πŸ˜‰ VERY RISKY. But like I said, reliable and safe with the right settings.
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    Started playing Grey Zone Warfare and followed the instructions: install the pre requisites - done download the latest version of the hack loader - done start game and make sure it is set to windowed - done exited game started cheat (logged in and it updated).....selected Grey Zone Warfare and ran it - told Avira Anti Virus to relax.....Windblows Defender can F off - minimised the task manager window started game pressed END to open cheat and there is all was 😁 nice and simple!!! (I took a whole heap of screenshots showing the ESP but they didn't show up 🀣 nice!)........it made running through Tiger Bay so much easier!!!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ––
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    The Finals has never had any detection since release of the cheat
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    full gameplay of 1 round destroying the enemies with nuxars cyberware
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    Nice! Added to Apex Legends Preview thread.
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    Not really an Apex Player, but NeXGen certainly makes it easier πŸ€”
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    My experience has been quite smooth, right from the initial setup of the loader to fine-tuning in-game settings. The user-friendliness stands out. However, there are a couple of improvements I hope they consider. The AIMBOT, though effective, doesn't have a VISIBILITY CHECK option. This means it locks onto enemies even through walls or structures, which can be a drawback. Additionally, the WALLHACK/ESP tends to glitch after eliminating an enemy, leaving their skeletons on screen. One of the primary reasons I chose this provider over others was its streamlined options, minimizing detection from anti-cheat systems and reducing the risk of being banned. Despite these minor issues, I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone reading thisβ€”my experience has been fantastic! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― AIMBOT: 9/10 (Flexible for both aggressive and legitimate gameplay) WALLHACK: 9/10 I'd easily rate it a perfect 10 if they included a "VISIBILITY CHECK" option for the AIMBOT and resolved the WALLHACK glitch.
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    We would like to welcome K1xor to the Media team here at NXG!
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    We have just created a coupon code for members to use during this Christmas season for 2023! Simply enter the code below at checkout to receive 25% off your purchase! This code can be used an unlimited number of times on all purchases from now until the end of December (December 31 , 5:40 P.M. E.S.T Is the expiration date/time) NeXGen 2023 Christmas Coupon Code: NXGCHRISTMAS23
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    We have officially released our CS2 product publicly. This product has been in testing for a while with our High Roller subscribers and with todays official release to the public we have enabled sales to the general public. You can preview and purchase from the link below! We are also offering a promo of sorts to new cs2 buyers. If you purchase one of our cs2 products and make a video and upload to you tube then link that video in a new post here we will give you 7 extra days for free on your subscription time! Details list below. PREVIEW CS2 HERE RULES FOR CS2 PROMO VIDEOS: 1. Video must be no less than 2 minutes in length 2. Video must be rendered in no less than 1080p 3. Link to website must be included in the video and description 4. Video must be uploaded to youtube 5. Video can NOT contain copyrighted music 6. Video must be posted here on the forums in a new post in the "Hack Media" section
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    Game: Counter Strike 2 Level: Fully Featured Multicheat Coders: Nuxar Status: Live Hack Status >HERE< Price: See table below 1 Week Subscription - $9.95 1 Month Subscription - $20.95 We now offer 1 day keys. You can purchase those from our sister site at Black Label Gaming CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! SAFETY: VAC: UNDETECTED AIMBOT MENU TAB: Aimbot On/Off Show FOV Circle Aim Field Of View Pickup Aim Field Of View Drop Aim Speed/Smooth Aim Key Aim Delay Aimbot Range Bone Selection (aims to closest) Triggerbot On/Off Triggerbot Key Shot Delay Local Velocity (predicts local movement) Accelerate (Calibrate) Aimbot with mouse settings VISUALS MENU TAB: Name ESP Box ESP Health ESP Bone/Skeleton ESP Distance ESP Max Distance for ESP Custom Color picker for each item COLORS MENU TAB: Customize The Colors Of All ESP Features SUPPORT: VIDEO BY ChumChum: VIDEO BY: K1xor cs2clip.mp4
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    Here is our very first video showing off our FARLIGHT 84 VIP HACKS! Just updated with a deadly aimbot and killer esp. Can be customized to look legit or rage it's all up to you! And as always, we have had no EAC detections with our FARLIGHT 84 VIP hack! So, check out the video above watch in HD (1080P). Then head on over to the store page to get yours today! Thaks Staff/Media Crew Member -PKOA PS: Be on the lookout for new videos showcasing brand new cheats and our updated chats in the very near future. From your very own~PKOA
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    Awesome video as usual PK! Adding to preview thread.
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    Thanks for the compliment and as far as song gos. I picked it to let the game developer and other hack sites/haters of nexgen. Know fuck there thoughts!!!😎 Also I have at least 10 video projects planned. I'm sure everyone will get a song they like.
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    Defiantly welcome back @PKOA Top quality video as always 😊 ......my personal viewpoint, not the right sound track 😘
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    Also, if you guys would like to help me out head on over to the below link to subscribe to my YouTube channel. This way you will be the first to know of new uploads and much more from NEXGEN CHEATS. ~PKOA https://www.youtube.com/@NEXGENPKOA
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    Hey guys old time member here. Just now found out the site was back. So, you will be seeing new videos for all the games over the next few weeks. I can't wait to see how this site grows and the amazing things to come. PS: I would highly recommend you get the high roller package its worth every penny. I bought the lifetime pack when it was NXGSH and trust me it will save you big money down the road. ViraL and Raul are two of the best coders I know. And ViraL will go above and beyond for his customer base. This is great place and a highly trusted one at that. Be on the lookout for new videos from me showing off all the hacks. Thanks~PKOA
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    Thanks man feels great to be back. It's crazy how far the site has come from back in the day. I can't wait to get new videos out also. So much to do but I would not want it any other way.
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    Welcome back brother
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    Thanks for the warm welcome!
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    Welcome back πŸ‘‹ 😁
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    Still easily the most lowkey undetected cheats ever for rs6! Still undetected in 2022. Hard to find something like this in this day and time!
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    Game: Farlight 84 Level: Fully Featured Multicheat Coders: Nuxar Status: Live Hack Status >HERE< Price: See table below 1 Week Subscription - $15.95 1 Month Subscription - $20.95 We now offer 1 day keys. You can purchase those from our sister site at Black Label Gaming CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! SAFETY: EAC: UNDETECTED AIMBOT MENU TAB: Aimbot Triggerbot Aim Field Of View Aim Speed/Smooth Aim Key Triggerbot Key Aim Delay Aim prediction Bone Selection VISUALS MENU TAB: Name ESP Box ESP (2d/3d) Health ESP Skeleton ESP Max Distance for ESP Vehicle ESP Custom Color picker for each item COLORS MENU TAB: Customize The Colors Of All ESP Features SUPPORT: VIDEO BY K1xor: VIDEO BY: PKOA
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    Just a quick video showing Rogue Company still undetected after more than a year of release! Not afraid at all to use any of the settings.
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    I was looking for a legit, easy to use hack provider that doesn't overcharge or scam. Found these guys, and I have no complaints. Prices are fair GUI is perfectly designed Very few bugs, way less than other cheat providers Once cheats are patched, they are disabled to keep people from getting banned Nexgen devs update cheats to bypass extremely quickly when new updates come out Wide variety of games and modules. I cannot recommend a cheat provider more strongly. If you have not made up your mind, let this review convince you...
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    Welcome to the new NXGSH! Lots of things are coming including new videos! πŸ˜‰
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    To be able to purchase ANY of our private cheats you must be able to complete the requirements list below. If you can not complete this list you will NOT be considered. REQUIRED: *UPDATE* If you have been a vip subscriber here for at least 2 months you can contact ViraL via private message here on the forums (Discord messages will be ignored) and be considered for private access as a trusted member. If accepted this will allow you to skip most steps listed below! 1. Must be a current subscriber to one of our regular vip subscriptions with no past paypal disputes with us. 2. Must have a post count above 10 (Useful posts only such as testimonials or helpful posts in your vip area for example) *In most cases this can be overlooked* 3. Fill out as much information as possible on your forum profile so we can get an idea of who you are and where you're from (Maybe say hello in the Introductions forum) 4. Must provide a valid picture ID and Piece of mail with matching address (This is very important!) You can send these items in a private message to ViraL with a title heading of "Applying for private cheat access". Make sure to include in the body of the message which cheat you are applying for. 5. If accepted you must digitally sign a non disclosure form which will be sent to you upon passing the previous step. 6. BE PATIENT! Not everyone will be accepted. Our private products are limited to a specific number of users. NOT REQUIRED, BUT HELPFUL: 1. Link us to any profiles you have on other hack sites so that we can see that you are an actual member of the overall community **This list can and will be updated without notice**
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