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Looking For Member Video Content

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Looking for member video content. If you are a vip for one of our products and make a video for us we will give you extra time on your subscription. All you have to do is make a video with whatever product you are using and post it in the Media Section on the forums. Videos must be recorded/rendered in 1080 60P at the minimum (Under this will not be counted). Videos must be listed as "Public" on youtube and in the correct category (I.E. Gaming - Whatever game it is). Once posted we will review it and if it meets the above requirements we will give extra time up to 1 week per submission.

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This is an awesome idea! I make eLearning videos for a living, so I'm very proficient at video editing. I also edit all the videos for my daughters YouTube channel. Would love to make some highlight videos for you guys! 

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