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I'm thinking about buying the bf2042 cheat and had some questions before i do that.


Does the cheat have a save config option?

What is the ban-rate for using the aimbot (since the game has good AC?)

What launchers does the game work on (steam etc)?

Do you sell on epvp (want to check other reviews)?

Does the cheat work on all game modes?



Do you have any holiday sales (upcoming)?

Any other features planned/on the way?


Thank you in advance!

Kind regards


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the cheat auto saves your settings,

there are zero ban reports in the private section(i used the cheat several months with any feature enabled, no ban with aimbot)


steam and origin is both supported and works on any game mode

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K1xor explained it quite well.


We do not advertise on sites such as epvp as they are pretty irrelevant except for people to mass advertise their copy pasted unknown cheats source codes from... We have proven this time and time again and it's like beating a dead horse at this point. We do google adverts from time to time and publish videos of our products in action mostly on youtube. All of which can be seen in the preveiew section on the main page of the forums.

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