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  1. I have been using nexgencheats for a month soon and so far and my experience is decently positive. * Loader itself > A nice loader, very simple and automated. It saves config files so you don't have to spend your time on redoing every setting. 7/10 * ESP > Does the job mostly as intended. You can choose skelets, color and 2/3d box which is nice. 7/10 * Aimbot surprisingly works great with snipers, though i feel like you need low sens in the cheat for perfect headshots. It works wonders for ar and stuff. 8/10 Very nice and positive experience, price is good and I hope to see this engine present and active in the future as well. Job well-done guys, thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm thinking about buying the bf2042 cheat and had some questions before i do that. Does the cheat have a save config option? What is the ban-rate for using the aimbot (since the game has good AC?) What launchers does the game work on (steam etc)? Do you sell on epvp (want to check other reviews)? Does the cheat work on all game modes? Do you have any holiday sales (upcoming)? Any other features planned/on the way? Thank you in advance! Kind regards