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  1. If soon-to-be-customer are wondering, VisCheck is added yesterday and it is absolutely banger. Make ESP and aimbot both 10/10
  2. So i just bought BB product today and been testing it out and here is my review after many matches. ESP : 7/10 You can`t customize the box type There is no option to show visible only Visual check is not implemented yet (This is important for me since with cluster of boxes in your POV, you have to know which is which) Aimbot : 9/10 I didnt use this feature much since i don`t play rage style but i turned it on for a bit to test it out and give out review If it support in vehicle mode ( Little bird etc ) it would be awesome Auto calculate range/No zeroing would be a nice addition for sniper mode
  3. mrlaxy

    Scum review

    So i bought for 7 days first to try out and been using for a while . ESP : 10/10 Fully customizable , The game itself only render at 1km so nothing much they can do about it on their end . Aimbot : The only provider that i use so far that calculate different angle/pov when you`re in scope 🙂 So , 1000/10 for that one . Picklock / Wire cut helper <= this is the best feature and only over here have it . So idk what yall doing with other providers . Pretty much cool dev and easy to chat with .
  4. Hello, may i know when is the last detection for scum ? Thanks