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Welcome To NXG!

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Welcome to NeXGen Gaming! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community and tell us a little bit about yourself.


I will start this section off with a little info about myself and back story of our community.


I have been in the general scene since 1999. Self taught coder between 1999-2001. Original member of OGC (Yeah i'm that old). Co founding member of the very first P2C site at MSX. The general foundation of this site started way back in 2000 as a hacking clan website named -[H3@DSh07]- , which eventually evolved into BlackLabelGaming which I still own the rights to to this day. BLG grew quickly to over 107k members before a departure of the co founder and a disagreement caused the original site to go down. NeXGen was born in 2009 and we have been growing ever since.

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I might be the only other person who gets that OGC reference.

I met Viral when -[H3@DSh07]-  was a thing.

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