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Found 2 results

  1. This is a top quality set of cheats. I personally don't use aimbot, I use the ESP for a couple of items (Players, lockpicking and improvised metal chests) and it's absolutely changed the game for me. Using the cheat has helped me improve my game through understanding more about how other players move, the sort of places people hide things etc, I'd recommend using the ESP to simply learn more about the game rather than just pumping up your K/D. The lockpicking help line cheat is the same, you can use it to learn how the lockpicking really works and master picking without having to use the cheat all the time, just make sure you break a few picks every now and then so as not to raise suspicions. 😄 On top of all this, the service you receive from the mods on this forum is absolutely top-notch.
  2. Hello everybody, 😄 after only 3 days of beeing registered here I feel like i have to make an overall review already. 🙂 I have to say, NexGenCheats is a very great site ! And i will definitely further recommend it to my friends. My opinion about the site : Support : 10/10 (Fast, nice and friendly answers from the Staff) Design : 10/10 ( I personally like the Design of both, Loader and Website, it looks great! ) Hack-Performance : 9/10 ( i can only talk about the IronSight Hack, it works pretty nice, easy setup, it's like Plug-And-Play ) Prices : 10/10 ( The prices are fair ! NexGen supports games with really good Anti-Cheat systems Price-performance ration is just fine ) Payment Methodes : 10/10 ( I only use Paypal so thats fine for me 😄 ) This maybe looks like this is scripted but it's not. This is one of the only forums I found and felt very confident using their Cheats immediately. ! Thank you for this nice Website NexGen Team ! best regards dotTxt🙋‍♂️