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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Hey, NeXGen Community, I saw that there was a cheat for Ironsight for a while, but it's no longer listed in the forum, you can still somehow buy it and use it, I'd be very happy, because unfortunately I can't find another one. Thank you in advance
  2. Well, I'm gonna be short and clear. First i had doubts. Couldn’t find anything about these guys on usual forums and they support ACs like vanguard which was fishy a bit, HOWEVER they gained my trust after i bought my first sub. This cheat works amazingly well. I had 0 issues with this cheat so far. I'm that type of person who prefers clean looks and that's what NexGen has to offer. Forum syncs with the loader and the discord is well organised which gives us a pretty good look overall. The menu is highly customizable and offers us a smooth experience. Staff members are very friendly with the customers(You can see on forum some “attitude” replies from staff but the cause is 100% that some users dont READ and dealing with iqless people can be difficult and tiring). They keep things clean and community-friendly which matters the most. I did not experience any ban during my trial period whatsoever, because I only use visuals and some legit aim settings combined with the triggerbot also i try to balance my gameplay to be as legitimate as possible.Hands down to the coder/s of this cheat and the price are really affordable for this quality product worth to mention that this is the only Ironsight cheat on the market which is trustworthy. This is the cheat to buy if you are looking for a high-quality product that is undetected. So let's make some ratings, shall we? Forums - Very clean and easy to use. 10/10 Loader - Very clean and easy to inject, and bypass EAC immediately. 10/10 Menu - Highly customizable, easy to read and find things, well organised. 10/10 Visuals - Very clean and customizable. No bullshits 10/10 Absolutely zero rendering issues. 10/10 Aimbot - Can be legit or rage as you want, customisable in many ways, personally using the mouse input one. 10/10 Triggerbot - 10/10 feature! Properly set up it can be so accurate and legit at the same time! Brilliant! Please note that I cannot review the rage features, or any other not-safe features since I'm not using them, but I'm pretty confident that it does pretty well. If you use your brain you can avoid any manual ban if you want, but that's up to you of course. You guys just earned another happy customer. Thank you for offering us a cheap and high-quality product. Dont hesitate to look into their other products as well because i am pretty confident in that they deliver the same quality in other games as well.
  3. Hello everyone. Is it active now? Where can we find such preliminary information.
  4. Hey, i bought the hack before formating my computer....now i changed computer and i forgot to copy all the files and now i cant use the cheat. I need you to restart the loader for me or something in order to use it again. Best regards, Alexandre
  5. Hi all im new here, Can someone confirm if IronSight vip works fine? Thx.