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  1. Perfect thanks guys for the clarification
  2. I'm confused, how do I get vip to wait the 2 months to use the hack? Do I pay the $30 per month and not be able to use it and after 2 months I get 2 free months ?
  3. Hello, I'm a few days from 38 old time gamer. I'm from the east coast VA. Currently waiting for September 27th so I can build a new ryzen build and upgrade my 4790k lol. I have 2 kids ages 14 and 10 they also game but not the type of games I play except my son will play cod. MY Buddy who I got hacking on miscreated told me about this site so I wanted to check it out. I haven't hacked inawhile due to no games that 10000 percent interest me but scum it sounds like it would be fun again because the maps so big you hardly find anyone to kill. I've hacked on COD, H1Z1 Just survive (Before daybreak took the game down.) And Miscreated.