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  1. Ohhhh Nice one, Thx a lot
  2. MuskeKater

    BF 2042

    Thx for this izi to use loader, you can use what you need or how you like. After one day of learning how to use it is functioning very good. ESP and aimbot working good and a few days more i know how to use it better. The only thing that I don't like is that you have to play the Game in window mode, I have a 32" curved Monitor and a old Graphik card, this is not working very good togehter with windowed mode, borderless is no choice for me caus it use the 4K setting of my Desktop and this you cant change in Game, to HD. I like it too that the Forum is functioning, very fast anwsers and helps, THX 4 this. Discord is not a choice for me cause i am 50 + and it is to fast for me speaking in English, he he he he.
  3. I am here cause i need a good hack for BF2042 and i hope that i found one here at NEXGEN, we will see. That's all Folks, have a nice day ^^