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  1. Hello. This might be a repetitive question but I wanted to know about security with SCUM. I did just purchase the cheat but Im hesitant to launch it as There were quite a few recent detections. I am simply worried about EAC detection and not manual bans as I dont rage hack. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to write an informative review, It is alittle dated but I hope security of the hack is still the same and the team is on top of it.
  3. Hi everyone, Im the Machine and fellow hacker/cheater myself. I've been gaming since I opened my eyes and been cheating for about 7 years, so I know ins and outs of cheating world. I recently started playing SCUM and was on a wild search for cheats. I had to really dig to find this site and glad I did, everywhere else seems to me a scam or a dead community. I hope to chat with all of you and work my way into this community. Have a good day!