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  1. As the title already said, please make a cheat for sea of thieves. would love to buy from you guys..
  2. My experience has been quite smooth, right from the initial setup of the loader to fine-tuning in-game settings. The user-friendliness stands out. However, there are a couple of improvements I hope they consider. The AIMBOT, though effective, doesn't have a VISIBILITY CHECK option. This means it locks onto enemies even through walls or structures, which can be a drawback. Additionally, the WALLHACK/ESP tends to glitch after eliminating an enemy, leaving their skeletons on screen. One of the primary reasons I chose this provider over others was its streamlined options, minimizing detection from anti-cheat systems and reducing the risk of being banned. Despite these minor issues, I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone reading this—my experience has been fantastic! 💯💯💯 AIMBOT: 9/10 (Flexible for both aggressive and legitimate gameplay) WALLHACK: 9/10 I'd easily rate it a perfect 10 if they included a "VISIBILITY CHECK" option for the AIMBOT and resolved the WALLHACK glitch.