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  1. Good afternoon, it is the first time that I pay with Stripe, I would like to know if it is safe and I also want to know how I do it so that it does not pay automatically when I have to renew the subscription renew.
  2. Solomun

    Hack R6

    Wow, great. I hope to try soon. GREETING <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  3. Solomun

    Hack R6

    Good afternoon.! One question, is there any chance of having Raimbow Six Siege hack? I wait for answers. Have a good day. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  4. Solomun

    SCUM update

    Thanks for answering. Have a good day. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  5. Solomun

    SCUM update

    I read the rule, all I need is to subscribe, but I don't understand that part. Do I have to buy any HACK and am I subscribed? <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  6. Solomun

    SCUM update

    Good afternoon, I just learned that there was a big update on SCUM, will the hack still work? Greeting.- <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  7. Good afternoon. When do you put BitCoin payment method? Greeting <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  8. Solomun


    Good people, how are you doing? I am new to this forum, I would like to meet you all and play with you. I have more than 100 games. In my profile is the Steam link, I don't know if it is forbidden to post the Steam link here, hehe. I tell my story that the first time I used the hack was in BattlefieldPlay4free, that was my first time and then, before closing the game, they banned me, that was the first and last time they banned me. For now, the last time I used a hack was PUBG MOBIL, and I was never banned from using the hahaha hack. Now I am playing SCUM very often, I would like to use a hack in SCUM, I never tried a hack in SCUM. I hope to get along with you and have fun with you. A pleasure and thanks for accepting me in this forum. Greeting.!
  9. Good afternoon, a query, the hacking date of PUBG LITE and SCUM when they are in STOCK? I wait for answers Thank you.