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  1. First, I've been using NXG for a long time, and NXG has been doing a great job of cheating!😁 I will write down my true feelings, NXG is really good! My English is not very good, please forgive my mistakes in grammar. Thank you very much. 1. Player ESP 10/10 You can see exactly what these guys are doing, he's jumping out of a window or drinking, because you can clearly see the movement of his bones. Distance, health, weapons, you know. You can tell if there is barrier by the color change, or you can change it to your favorite color. (骨骼,血条,距离,武器,掩体检测都有,而且名字分成真实ID和BOT,可以知道优先干掉玩家。能自定义颜色,不丢帧,不脱影,绘制也可以!) 2. ITEM ESP 8/10 You can easily find the desired item and customize the desired color. However, the vehicle shows that it sometimes does not work, please trust me, it will not affect you. (分级很清晰,想要什么类别的物品勾上就行,就是距离很近,远的看不到,载具透视时而会失效,不过问题不大。) 3.AimBot 9/10 Accurate!your bullets are as accurate as missiles! Of course, if you want to be a real killer, you can adjust the smoothness. (300m以内没问题,指哪打哪,枪枪到肉。有FOV显示,掩体不瞄,可以同时同时好几个部位,也有平滑,屠杀演戏都行。就是没有切换部位快捷键,全露想打头的话得手拉上去锁头。) 4.SAFE 8/10 Cheating is safe during my use, you must be careful to play!! (稳定性还可以,不屠杀演戏的话可以玩很久。我只封过一个号,杀的太多了,自己心里有点数就行!) 5.ALL 10/10 As a whole, it's a good cheat! The administrators here are happy to solve any problems you might encounter, and the NXG loader is very simple. (可以尝试,价格不高,而且真心挺好用的。论坛管理员态度也很好,注入也简单。) So, these are my comments. Hope to help you, thanks for watching! Finally, chicken dinner!!
  2. Good day! Is there any progress on DEADBYDAYLIGHT now? 😉