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  1. I would recommend this to anybody. I purchased this hack over a week ago. It took almost a week for me to get it working on my computer. The customer service here is outstanding. They have tutorials on how to get the hack to work and very approachable. When I told them the issues I was having in loading in everything then sent it up to the chain to find a solution. With alittle patients they will get back to you on forums with a solution. I can tell you first hand this is the best hack out there. I have been playing for 12 hours and never been detected. I have seen 4 people in all the games that I have been playing that has been kicked for cheating, but yet im still playing. I have been playing every way you think of. The ESP is amazing and I have alot of fun with it. The aimbot to me is alittle OP so I really dont use it that often. Again I would highly recommend it to anybody.