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    We have officially released our CS2 product publicly. This product has been in testing for a while with our High Roller subscribers and with todays official release to the public we have enabled sales to the general public. You can preview and purchase from the link below! We are also offering a promo of sorts to new cs2 buyers. If you purchase one of our cs2 products and make a video and upload to you tube then link that video in a new post here we will give you 7 extra days for free on your subscription time! Details list below. PREVIEW CS2 HERE RULES FOR CS2 PROMO VIDEOS: 1. Video must be no less than 2 minutes in length 2. Video must be rendered in no less than 1080p 3. Link to website must be included in the video and description 4. Video must be uploaded to youtube 5. Video can NOT contain copyrighted music 6. Video must be posted here on the forums in a new post in the "Hack Media" section
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    Back with some media! NexGenCheats fast with the newest cheats for the release of counter-strike 2! Similar to the predecessor csgo hack, still completely undetected and safe, with the ultimate essentials for raging or legit cheats! Please do not go below 15 smoothing for aim like in this video or instant shooting on trigger 😉 VERY RISKY. But like I said, reliable and safe with the right settings.
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