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NeXGen CS2 Free Weekend!

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The weekend is here and we are excited to announce our first free weekend! Today and tomorrow we have unlocked Counter Strike 2 for all registered members to use totally free. Anyone can use CS2 until Sunday night as long as you have a registered account here on the site. Simply download the loader from below and sign in using the username and password you created here on the forums. Remember the login is case sensitive and should be entered exactly as you entered it while signing up. I have also linked to the tutorials and required files/info section below. This section will allow you setup your pc properly to use our products and also contains other valuable information.


We appreciate all of our current members and any new members who may sign up during our free weekends. As mentioned before in our discord announcement we will most likely be holding polls for members to vote on which product they would like to see next during our free weekends. Now to clarify, free weekends will NOT be every single weekend but will be no less than 1 weekend per month and sometimes 2 weekends per month depending on how successful they are. 




Since the actual cs2 vip section is still private to anyone non vip below are some settings required.


1. Our menu keys are always "END" or "INSERT"

2. Your game must be in windowed mode or full screen windowed (Fullscreen will not work or will cause issues)  before any product will work. All of our products are external




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This event has ended. Thanks to all who participated.

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