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BF2042 Great Prediction

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I find it hard to believe my 7 days is over already, but wow what a great hack. 

Time and time again I couldnt believe how far I was hitting people, shooting people at sniper ranges with the pistol, shooting people out of the pilot seat of the asprey, really hilarious stuff. My favorite is shooting at those little war jeep w/e's, theres nothing like killing the driver and watching the thing slow roll always with everyone still sitting in it. 

To be fair, my only complaint is that vischeck is not turbo... about 70% of the time a box turns red for visible, its someone still behind a wall or something. Idk how people go about fixing that but that was mildly annoying, not experience breaking though, you will waste bullets because of it unless you are really manually making sure you can see someone in that split second moment. 

Some kind of aimbone switching felt really desired, but also wasn't a big deal. So for instance, I had neck set the entire time, but if a snipers head was peaking, it would try to shoot at the neck bone, even if they are behind an object, it would be cool if it knew to switch up to whats actually visible, if it did that, I would just run around with chest aimbone set, and then the only headshots I would have would be from people peaking cliffs and stuff instead of having like 60% headshots lol. 

Esp is good, 10/10, although with a game like this, there might be some other way to go about it other than boxes, its kind of insane to look at, but it would be with any hack.  

I have a disgusting amount of years buying hacks and playing these games, and this is the only one I would buy for this game after looking at and exhausting my list and sources. The game is kind of on the spectrum, so paying anymore than this is a mental disorder, 10/10 value 

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