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  1. Fushaa-

    hello guys

    Hello ig its time to introduce my self im FushAA- i play rainbow six siege for 7 years now and i cheat on it since 5 year now i was top 2 and top 1 the 2 last szn im actually top 7 world and i think its time to switch game thats why im here one few friends just say nexgen are the best so lets destroy valorant and apex with nexgen , happy to be here thank you to ViraL for his kindness i did not have the time to discover other staff but i can guess you are good person too ❤️ nex gen on top
  2. hello , i have 1 friend who’s trying to create and acc on the forum to buy valorant cheat but he can’t we have this message i already try to creat it for him and same thing